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Welcome to NASA Lift Off and East Bay Science Project

This project aims to create and disseminate NASA related, inquiry based instructional cases for high school science teachers to engage students and significantly improve STEM learning and instruction systemically in our targeted school districts. The project seeks to transform high school STEM education through the creation of classrooms in which teachers and students are actively engaged in inquiry-based science using NASA resources and mission data. This site contains resources and lessons developed in the institute.

Institute Focus

  • Deepening science content knowledge.
  • Collaboratively developing interdisciplinary inquiry-based science lessons and projects.
  • Publishing and sharing exemplary lessons and projects.

NASA Lift Off Key Elements

  • Intensive (15 days per year) program for high school science teacher leaders with a minimum of 3 years classroom experience.
  • Instructional cases will be standards-based and NASA-themed, and inclusive of literacy development.
  • Collaborations with CSU science faculty, scientists, and instructional coaches in curriculum development.

Institute Science Themes Presented by CSU Science Faculty

  1. Earth Systems: Global Warming and Climate Change
  2. Planetary Exploration: Current & Past NASA Planetary Missions and Astrobiology
  3. Space Science: How the universe began and its fate

Key Outcomes

  1. Content Knowledge in key areas of science curriculum standards will be developed through workshops by CSU science faculty.
  2. Instructional Strategies will be developed in the areas of science literacy, 21st century skills, lesson study, and Understanding by Design.
  3. Collaborate in a professional learning community (PLC) with other teachers, scientists, and instructional coaches to improve teaching, learning and science inquiry.
  4. Build instructional leadership capacity of science teacher leaders an develop science teacher leadership teams.
  5. Develop a collection of peer reviewed lessons and/or projects that will be published online.
  6. Publish, Share, & Lead by publishing lessons online on MERLOT, by serving as instructional leaders, and by implementing interdisciplinary, inquiry-based curriculum in your schools.

For more information please contact:

Alameda County Office of Education
East Bay Science Project
Josephine Smedley, Program Assistant
(510) 670-4564


East Bay Science Project:

View the NASA Lift Off Science Teacher Leadership and Inquiry Institute Flyer. (.pdf)

View an Overview of NASA Lift Off Summer 2010 (.ppt)