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NASA Instructional Materials

This listing contains pdf versions of NASA education guides (with links to the sources) discussed during the NASA LIFT OFF Summer 2010 Teacher Academy.

Click here for a searchable library of NASA education guides.

Astrobiology Science Learning Activities for Afterschool (pdf)

Destination: Mars (pdf 4.8 MB)

Earth Math (pdf 4.6 MB)

The Electromagnetic Spectrum from Space-based Astronomy Educator Guide (pdf)

Exploring Meteorite Mysteries: A Teacher's Guide with Activities for Earth and Space Sciences (pdf 6.1 MB)

Exploring the Moon: A Teacher's Guide with Activities for Earth and Space Sciences (pdf 6.4 MB)

Getting Dirty on Mars:
Teaching Tips (pdf 2 MB)
Student Lab (pdf 6 MB)
Student Lab Cards (pdf)

Human Physiology in Space (html version):

Hurricane Katrina: A Problem-Based Learning Module:
Teacher Guide
Student Guide

Life on Earth—and elsewhere? (pdf 2.6 MB)

Lunar Math (pdf 3.1 MB)

Magnetic Math (pdf 6.8 MB)

Mars Activities (pdf 4.6 MB)

Mars Exploration: Is the Water on Mars? (pdf 4.1 MB)

Meteorology: An Educator's Resource for Inquiry-Based Learning for Grades 5-9 (pdf 5.7 MB)

Origins :
Origins: Earth is Born (pdf)
Origins: How Life Began (pdf)
Origins: Where are the Aliens (pdf)
Origins: Back to the Beginning (pdf)

Planet Quest The Search for Another Earth (pdf)

Probing Below the Surface of Mars (pdf)

ROCKETS Educator's Guide with Activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (pdf 14.9 MB)

Solar Math (pdf 2.3 MB)

Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Design Challenge (Educator Guide)

What Are We Made Of? The Sun, the Earth, and You (pdf)

What is Your Cosmic Connection to the Elements? (pdf 1 MB)

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